Metapack Partner Day a Success

Its 4.30 in the morning on a bleak cold Wednesday in October, the 15th to be precise and myself and my commercial director, Marc Crossland, are setting off to the Metapack Business Partner seminar slap bang in the middle of London. In a moment of madness we had decided to drive down and I went on a website called and found someone who rented their drive out for £16 per day, within 220 yards from where we wanted to be. Now this is a bargain in Southwark. Given that my car is congestion charge free as well we thought it cant be that bad getting to London surely. We hit the outskirts of London at 7 am and were within 4 miles of our target. Jokes about what were going to do with ourselves for a couple of hours abounded. Anyway 2 hours later we pulled up on this guys drive, it would have been faster walking ! The parking spot on this guys drive was surreal. There were 8 houses in a little cul de sac surrounded by towering office blocks and the Shard. We arrived at the Blue Fin buildings and were greeted with a welcome breakfast of croissants and coffee. What was very noticeable on the walk to the Blue Fin was the amount of building work going on. The recession is certainly over in London !

Metapack provide effective software delivery solutions for the retailer whereby for a small charge per parcel they will route your parcel via the most cost effective carrier. Kinspeed were invited as we provide a seamless link from Sage 50 and Sage 200 despatch to Metapack. After breakfast we were shown to the theatre where we listened to exciting updates from speakers representing Metapack, Manhattan, Neteven, Venda, JDA, Peoplevox Channeladvisor and IBM. The main points to come out of the day were that Click and Collect was becoming increasingly popular and there was a definite move towards major retailers using pickup from shops as the norm, cutting out delivery charges, but having to increase storeroom size in stores.  Customers were now demanding next day as standard delivery, and if possible same day. Metapack also showed their plans for an app and how their fraud module can save a lot of time and money. At dinner, which was excellent especially the giant prawns (Marc had 12 in case you couldn’t get any), we had the chance to network with retailers and other business partners and managed to build some good contacts.

We had to leave early to try and miss the traffic but the sat nav decided it wasn’t having any of it and insisted on taking us on a tour of Londons main tourist attractions, Buckingham Palace, Pall Mall, Park Lane, Speakers Corner, Lords to name but a view. On the way out we saw a nice little bump where a Renault 5 had gone into a nice gleaming white Bentley. The registration on the Bentley was DW1 so Marc used his trusty phone to find out who owned the number. It seems it was Dale Winton who had been rear ended. We got home at 6.30 pm and I then took my son to football practice and stood in the rain for an hour finally getting home at 8.30. Needless to say I was tucked up by 9. Nice 16 hour day but well worth it