Meet us at the Chamber Means Business Expo 2019

Join Kinspeed on Thursday 5th September, 9:30am – 2:30pm at the AESSEAL New York Stadium, Rotherham. Where you can explore the range of ERP, CRM, Software Development, Commerce, EPOS & Cloud Business Software Solutions we specialise in. Come find us on the day at stand 7!

About the Chamber Means Business Expo

The free exhibition gives businesses from the region the opportunity to talk to each other, form relationships and offer services and support. The first exhibition was held back in 2012, and was original split into two, one exhibition in Barnsley and one in Rotherham. Since then, the two events have been merged to form an even bigger exhibition for the region.

Why attend?

  • The exhibition is open to the public. If you have a business, regardless of location, come and network.
  • Come and have a productive day building relationships and leveraging the best contacts.
  • Over 50 businesses will be exhibiting on the day, along with delegates so you can meet people face to face.
  • The exhibition allows attendees to attend seminars on the day, to learn about the newest trends and innovations.
  • I’m more than sure there will be some freebies for your to grab, the exhibitors where more than generous last year.

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Read about last years Exhibition 

Whether you already know about Kinspeed or are hearing about us for the first time, we’d love to meet you! We’ll be there to discuss how our experienced team can offer software solutions to support your business ambition growth goal.