Is Sage POS Coming To The End Of Its Life?

Sage POS

Did You Know That Sage POS Is Coming To The End Of Its Life?

You may not be aware, but Sage has recently announced that their retail solution, Sage EPOS, will not be supported from February 2015. This means that if there is trouble with your system then Sage will be unable to help you get it back up and running efficiently. So, if you’re running Sage POS and your tills go down, you will lose revenue and waste time trying to get your tills operational again.

However, Kinspeed will be able to support existing customers as long as they like, but we will only be able to issue additional licenses until April 2015. This means after April 2015 you will have no way of expanding (gaining new licenses) or have the option to acquire fresh features for your tills.

Alterative to Sage Pos

Is There An Alternative To Sage POS?

Kinspeed have found an excellent alternative in the form of Kudos’ CounterPoint software. This fully featured retail tiling solution has seamless integration with both Sage 50 and Sage 200 and is available for both single and multi-site business.

CounterPoint software has more than a tilling function to offer and this particular product can handle account sales, manage discounts and promotions, produce copy invoice, handle returns and run a tab at the counter.

With the adaptable touch screen system, CounterPoint can give focused, easy to use functionality which melds with each customers’ individual styling.

CounterPoint’s range of benefits include:

Resilience : – If your Sage connection fails, CounterPoint carries on trading, updating automatically when the Sage network is up again.

Speed: – CounterPoint has a fast customer throughput and only needs minimum keystrokes for the maximum results.

Adaptable: – You can adapt CounterPoint to meet your needs and be individually tailored to a variety of outlets such as pubs and checkout.

For more information regarding CounterPoint, please go to our page: