Kinspeed Xmas Party 2014

The legendary Kinspeed Xmas Party 2014 was this year held at Magna centre Rotherham on the 19th December 2014. Previous parties have included tales of staff missing full days from their lives after these events, and 2 years ago one sleeping in a stable with a random horse as he was new to the area his phone died and he didn’t know how to get home.

Out of the 20 staff, only 12 could actually make it due to early finishes for Xmas and other commitments but we were determined to have a good time. We met at 7 pm at the Magna and settled onto the best table in the house, next to the free bar and within feet of the dance floor (so we could watch the dancers). A quick count up and there must have been 1200 people there. To our astonishment who should appear on the next table to us but 1st Call communications, who are also the next company to us on Renishaw business park. Neither knew the other was going.

The food was served briskly and to be honest was better than we expected. It cant be easy to cater for that many but they came through with flying colours. Food over and it was time for the team photo below before it got too incriminating

Kinspeed Xmas Party 2014
Kinspeed Xmas Party 2014

The dodgems were now open which is a lethal mix with alcohol. Will’s decision to film his ride was short lived when he was smashed from the side, and his mobile flew across the track in slow motion, quickly followed by Will as he went to rescue it. An attendant removed him before certain death by dodgem.

Most cringe worthy part of the evening was when Alex’s mum turned up and was the perfect mum, putting her arms around Alex and kissing him. Alex received the embarrassed employee of the year award, and just for you Alex you can see you mum below in a specially staged picture to bring back all those moments. The fact our 19 year old engineer was fancying her and asking Alex if he could be his step dad didn’t help.

Alex’s mum shaking her booty

Just before the witching hour we moved on to Sheffield and went to the old favourite, West Street live. Just as we walked in the band came on, and with an audience who were the ultimate in easy to please, burst into a variety of songs to shout along to, Bon Jovi, George Michael, Slade, Brian Adams, the list went on. The band were called That Band from Barnsley, but that all I know as they seem to be social network virgins. They left the stage as heroes and had to pose for 10’s of selfies from their new adoring fan base.

After a good few hours in West Street Live it was on to the Grosvenor Casino on Queens Road. We were down to 7 now, but still going strong. More food was called for. It was 3 a.m.and we hadn’t eaten for nearly 8 hours. 6 all day breakfasts and a chicken and bacon melt (?) were ordered and devoured. Another hour of gambling before hitting the sack at 4.15 a.m. ended the evening. Memorable …..