Kinspeed Xmas do run down

Well its happened again, the xmas do, seems to be happening every year now. 17 of us met at 7 pm in eager anticipation of a good night in the Hilton Sheffield. Unfortunately 130 flashing lights and a DJ playing Jive bunny does not maketh a good night. We had enough by 10.30 and decided to venture into Sheffield.

Starting at West Street Live we saw a couple of good bands but there seemed to be few people about. All of Carver Street was reserved for students parties and Maggie Mays had a private do on. We found life at last in the reflex bar, although the group of people dancing seemed like something from a Simon Pegg movie. Leopold Square could have been shut with the amount of people about and same with All Bar One. Yates finally showed some signs of life before we headed back to West Street Live. By this time it was bouncing and the music was brilliant ranging from James Brown to Sex Pistols. Hunger struck in the 13 remaining stalwarts and we went up to Napoleons on Ecclesall Road for the now customary 2 a.m Breakfast. Bargain of the year by the way, best breakfast ever, £5 betting chip and a beer for £7……… Yes £7. We put all £65 of chips on the black at roulette and lost it all in a second, easy come easy go. The night fizzed out about 3 a.m. and taxis were ordered for everyone.

Its next day and Its all a bit restrained in the office. The quietness is deafening. A good night had by all but they are all suffering now. At least this year they all got home ok, last year one of the guys slept in a stable all night!

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