Kinspeed Promote Cash For Kids On Hallam FM

Kinspeed Promote Cash For Kids On Hallam FM

Kinspeed are proud to announce that our business development manager, Stella Froggatt, was asked to be recorded by Hallam FM at 12:00pm today. Stella went to the radio station with our Commercial Director, Marc Crossland, to promote Kinspeed’s afternoon of fun for the charity, Cash for Kids.

cash for kids

About Cash For Kids

Cash for Kids is a fantastic charity that supports disabled and disadvantaged children living in South Yorkshire’s local community. They do this by providing grants to individual children, other children’s charities, community groups, schools and health organisations.

Whilst Stella was at the radio station, she learnt first hand how Cash for Kids were improving disabled children’s lives. They were helping to provide beds to children in the local area who have, for one reason or another, been reduced to sleeping on cold floors. She also found out how they have been providing Ipads to disabled children who cannot communicate properly with the aim to improve their quality of life.

Stella ready to give her speech!
Stella ready to give her speech!

After learning about these amazing deeds, Stella was ushered in front of a recording studio’s microphone and asked to talk about what we were doing as a company and individuals to raise money for Cash for Kids.

She mentioned how we were having a Kinspeed fun afternoon on the 2nd of May for the Cash For Kids. At the event, we have a range of activities going on such as:

The Main Event

Ian Wragg In the Stocks

Our boss, Ian Wragg, will be dragged into the stocks at 2:00pm and will be left to your mercy for an hour! We’re selling 3 wet sponges (3 throws) for £5 so you can all get your revenge on the big man!

Other Events

Wine & Beer Table




If you would like to attend our Fun afternoon, please phone us on: 01246 437000

So, if you want the satisfaction of throwing a wet sponge at Ian’s head or just want to donate to charity than please go through our Just Giving Page –

For more information about Cash for Kids, please visit their website –