Kinspeed pipped to award

Friday 19th October 2012 saw the annual Barnsley and Rotherham chamber of commerce awards at the magnificent Magna Centre in Rotherham. Business representatives from across the region turned out in their finery for this black ties occasion.

The event was presented by John Hotowka and in between an outstanding meal we listened to singers and watched glamourous dancers. By the time the awards started the audience were inbibed enough to voice their support for each candidate in each award, and the cheers grew noticeably louder as the evening wore on.

An excellent night was had by all. Our nomination in the The Sheffield Hallam University Innovation & Technology in Business Award for our Webshop product came to nothing, but this did not dampen our spirits and we consoled ourselves in good wine and taking pictures with other companies awards !

Our business partners Bull had a better night though. They did a clean sweep in every category they were entered for. Well done Bull !

Chamber awards picture