Kinspeed Pioneer Sage 200 2013 event

Remember the date 2nd July 2013. We believe it will be a day that will change Sage 200 ERP systems forever. Kinspeed had planned a Sage 200 2013 event for 2nd July 2013 for 3 months. It coincided with the opening of our new training centre and whilst we had thought of postponing it because of the delayed launch we went ahead begging information and slides off Sage, as we felt if we did not do something on that date it would be a total anti climax. At the eleventh hour, 3 pm on the 1st of July to be precise, Barry Thomas from Sage gave us a user name and password and we requisitioned a Sage 200 on line.

There was not much sleep the night before as we put it through its paces. Our attendees duly arrived this morning and we informed them how they were making history by being privy to the first viewing of the cloud based solution. It went extremely well, the product maintained its performance over the demo and the customers thought the new workspaces were excellent. The ease of viewing and interrogating data is a massive improvement and I am so glad we could show it rather than just show slides as it was impressive. One customer even said it would revolutionise and totally change the way they work.

The theory behind the cash forecast was well received as we didn’t actually have time to set it up properly, and even little extras like free text credit note were welcomed with enthusiasm.

All the customers wanted the on premise upgrade, but surprisingly, even though they had large investments in Sage 200 already, they were keen to investigate cloud 200 and other cloud systems in the future.

From my point of view it strangely felt so good driving a cloud based Sage 200 2013 solution. Many thanks to the customers who turned up to celebrate our opening day but thanks even more to Barry Thomas and his team for making it all happen online.

Sage 200 2013 will change the way we sell the product forever, Sage have listened and Sage have delivered !