Kinspeed order 20Mb leased line

As there seems little movement on the Eckington exchange being upgraded in the near future we have decided to take the plunge and ordered an uncontended 20Mb over 100 Mb bearer leased line via our network and telephony partners, 1st Call Com. On-line support is very important to our customer base and whilst we have signed up with Citrix to dial in using the secure fastsupport facility, here at Kinspeed we are often let down by our very poor internet speed.

This will all change when the line is put in as a 20Mb uncontended up and down line will be lightning fast. As well as allowing us fast internet access it will also allow us to host a webserver if we want to, back up our data to the web knowing we can move large amounts of data securely during the evening and stream video without every other user suffering.

There is a very strongLeased line configuration feeling of plugging a communications gap in the structure of the company. I will be back to give the verdict on quality of service and installation in the next few weeks