Kinspeed Hosts Auto Enrolment Event

Yesterday morning Kinspeed proudly presented an auto enrolment event alongside Hawley & Wood and Brearley’s accountants. There were a wide range of people attending this event such as The Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce, Number Crunchers and Heat Parts to name a few. Before the event started, all guests were able to network with each other as well as interact with Kinspeed employees and representatives from Hawley & Wood and Brearley’s accountants.

The event included a presentation from Kinspeed’s auto enrolment specialist Stella Froggatt and our own Sage Payroll guru, David Aird. The presentation covered what auto enrolment was in simple and easy to understand terms, how to prepare yourself for auto enrolment, what Sage software can do to help you through this process, the features and benefits of using Sage’s Pension module for your business and what Kinspeed can offer you to make this easier on you and your business. Shortly after the power point, Hawley & Wood and Brearley’s accountant gave separate presentations on how they could help benefit you through the auto enrolment process.

Following in the Kinspeed event tradition, a buffet was laid out for all attendees to nibble on as they please. This also allowed guests to continue to network with each other and discuss what they had just learnt and what route they would take regarding auto enrolment.

Overall, the auto enrolment event was well received and Kinspeed hopes that everyone who attended benefited from the talks. Now that the event has been done and dusted, we’re working towards making the next one even better!

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