Kinspeed Delve Into Human Leagues’ History

Human League
The lyrics of the hit ‘Don’t you want me’ on our wall

Kinspeed Delve Into Human League’s History

If you have read our latest blog, you are probably aware of the fact that our new training facility has been redecorated to show our Sheffield spirit. The Sheffield Legends on our walls have been a big talking point for all of our guests, but not everybody knows the story behind each prominent Sheffield Icon. So, we have decided to give everyone a little bit of background on one of the most popular electronic new wave bands that originated from Sheffield.

Human League

Human League were formed in Sheffield in 1977 by Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. The band was originally called The Future and they started making pop music combined with avant-garde electronic music in a disused cutlery workshop in the centre of Sheffield. If The Future wanted any commercial success, they were told they needed a singer rather than another keyboard player.

With this in mind, Philip Oakley was asked to join the band for his natural pop star look. After adding another member to their line-up and a change in their sound, a new name was in order. Ware suggested the name ‘Human League’ from the game Starforce: Alpha Centauri and in early 1978 The Future became ‘The Human League

The Human League released a demo tape using Future material to record companies under their new name. From their demo of ‘Being Boiled’, the band was championed by NME.

However, in the 1980s, Oakey was getting sick of Human Leagues’ lack of success and went on a night out with the intention of finding a back vocalist. When Oakey went into The Crazy Daisy Nightclub in Sheffield, Oakey spotted Susan Sulley and Joanne Catherall dancing and asked them to join The Human League on tour.

After the two girls joined the band, Human League experienced their most successful period were their triple platinum album ‘Dare’ and the multi-million selling single ‘Don’t You Want Me’ shot them into stardom.

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