Kinspeed Become Google Apps Resellers

Kinspeed are proud to announce that we have become Google Business Apps Resellers. It was a difficult process, but we have finally proven to Google that we’re able to successfully sell their product.

Google Apps for Business is a fantastic tool that has a wide range of easy to use and portable day-to-day business applications. These include:

Google Docs – This is a web-based office suite that sits within the Google Drive. It has a variety of programmes associated with it such as:

Documents – This is a web-based word processor. It allows you to create, format text documents and it permits others to edit with you.

• You can upload a word document and convert it to a Google doc
• You can format all your documents
• You can invite others to edit, comment or view the documents on your drive

Spread Sheet -This is a web-based spreadsheet. It allows you to create, format spreadsheets and it permits others to edit with you.

• You can import and convert Excel spreadsheets
• You can create charts with your data
• You can export Excel, .csv, .txt and .ods formatted data, as well as PDF and HTML files

Slides – This is a web-based online presentation application. This allows you to show off your work in a visual way.

• You can create and edit presentations
• You can import .pptx and .pps files and convert them to Google presentations
• You can insert images and videos in your presentation

Google Drive – This application allows you to store and access your files anytime and anywhere. This means you can:

• Edit your file on the web, on your hard drive, or on the go.
• Allow others to edit, view or comment on your files
• Sync your drive to your computer so you can easily transfer documents

In comparison to Microsoft Office’s price of £99.95, Google Apps for Business can give you the same tools and benefits and more for only £33.00.

We’re hoping to have the Google Reseller logo on our website in a few days, so watch out for it here:

If you’re thinking about switching to Google Apps for Business then we could the reseller for you, please contact us on (0) 1246 437000 to find out more information.