Kinspeed Attends Sheffield Hallam University’s Graduate Job Fair

Sheffield Hallam
Abbi at our stand with the broken banner!

Last Thursday, Kinspeed attended a Graduate Job Fair at Sheffield Hallam University’s Employment Centre. There were 19 other companies attending this fair and we were keen to get ourselves out there to other businesses and graduating students.

Unfortunately, we were running a little bit late due to work related matters so there was a mad dash to get our stall set-up. There were already a lot of students in the room when we arrived and we thought that this was an excellent start to the event.

After Ian Wragg, Kinspeed’s Managing Director, had a fight with our now known-to-be-broken Kinspeed banner, we started interacting with the students coming over to our stall. The first people to approach us were two young girls looking at our web designer role and told us all about their experience with HTML and CSS. We were also approached by a young man, who was able to give us his CV straight away, and told us he would be ready to work around about May time. This was excellent news as we are looking to fill our current positions as soon as possible.

The stream of students slowed down quite quickly, but we were satisfied with the number of job packs we had given out to the students. We already have some students sending in their CVs for the three jobs that we have available – Web Designer, .Net Developer and PHP Developer.

Once six o’clock rolled around, Ian was taken downstairs to talk to some students who wanted to ask questions about working life, what he looked for in an employee and what was the best way for a student looking for a job to present themselves.

The event was enjoyable and Sheffield Hallam University’s incredible staff were extremely attentive to our needs.

If you’re interested in any of the jobs mentioned in this blog, please e-mail with your CV and the job title you’re applying for.

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