Kinspeed Are Now Resellers Of Panintelligence’s Dashboard Software

After the partner recruitment event on the 21st of February at Headingly Stadium in Leeds, Kinspeed are proud to announce that they have become Panintelligence Partners. We are looking forward to offering this fantastic product to our customers and we have already signed one of our customers to the dashboard software.

What Is Panintelligence Software?

This business intelligence application allows users to access their data in real-time to allow them to make more informed decisions on the spot.

How Can Panintelligence Software Help Me?

* With Panintelligence dashboard software, users can now summarise information from multiple Sage 200 databases into a variety of customisable and interactive charts, speedometers and tables.

* This dashboard software can cover areas such as Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Order Processing, Stock, Project Accounting and Nominals.

* The software provides an overall view of a company’s data and users can click on specific charts to focus on a particular area such as sales.

* With the ability to create their own Key Performance Indicators, users can monitor an individual or team in real-time.

* Users privileges can be controlled so a user can only see what you want them to see.

* It is a simple, drag and drop interface that can easily be implemented.

* Dashboard can work in any web-browser and can be accessed via mobile devices.

* You can also model your hierarchy business structure within the dashboard and push jobs or targets within your business through a Key Performance Indicator. This means employees are fully aware of their jobs.

* It is easy to share information to other applications such as excel or e-mail.

* Reports can be scheduled to be sent out via e-mail any time you like.

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