Kinspeed Are Making Auto Enrolment Simple With Their Event

auto enrolment

You may have opened this blog post wondering ‘what exactly is auto enrolment?’, ‘Why has this come into place?’, ‘does it actually apply to me?’ and ‘how can this event help me understand it?’

Well, I have tried to answer these four questions below:

What is Auto Enrolment?

It is now required by law for every employer to automatically enrol their staff into a work base pension plan.

This is compulsory and every employer must comply or risk the consequences.

Why Has This Come Into Place?

People are living longer yet people are under-saving or not saving enough for their retirement.

This is also helping people who don’t join a pension scheme purely because they don’t get round to filling their pension forms out or just forget to implement one early enough to have a decent pension.

Does It Actually Apply To Me?

Are you an employer with staff working for you in the UK?

If so, auto enrolment does apply to you!

How Can Your Event Help Me?

This event can help you understand in detail:

  • What is Auto Enrolment
  • How to prepare yourself
  • What happens if you don’t comply
  • Your responsibility as an employer
  • How it will affect you as an employer
  • How to assess your workforce
  • How Sage software can help
  • Features and Benefits of Sage’s Pension module

If you feel like you could use some help and advice on your auto enrolment, you can always attend one of our events:

A small charge of £50

A buffet and refreshments will be provided.

06/05/2014 –
01/07/2014 –
09/09/2014 –
28/10/2014 –
02/12/2014 –

Click the link to book or call 01246 437000 and ask for Stella