Just call me Swires | Kinspeed

Kinspeed are pleased to announce the appointment of a new graduate software developer. Originally from a small village in the lake district, Chris Swires joins us with an MSc from Swansea University in Computer Science. He obtained a BA in War and Society before using his research skills to move into Computer Science.

The initial problem that cropped up on the first day was what we should call him as he was seated next to another Chris. ‘Just call me Swires’ was his solution to the problem. The obligatory ‘y’ has been added within a week so welcome ‘Swiresy’!

Swires will be initially working on integrating companies data into maps which can be interrogated via a website with flags overlaid to indicate points of interest. There is currently a lot of interest in mapping data as it is so much easier to see high and low spots on a map than it is on a report.

I am sure that all our staff and customers will welcome Swires and we hope it will be a long and fulfilling working partnership.