Ive gone all electric !

So I have finally taken the plunge and bought a new car. After 7 years of my trusty Toyota Hilux pickup dragging me around the country for 120,000 miles at 28.2 miles to the gallon I have updated. Now as I am a tight person and do not like giving too much off my hard earned cash to the tax man, the new car had to tick a few boxes. I did not want to be paying £400 per month to the Inland Revenue for the pleasure of owning a nice car. Nor did I want to be putting fuel in and getting too few miles out. Yes I think I have turned a bit green, and not just when I saw the price of new cars !

So I started investigating and it was all very bemusing. I could get an Audi that did 60 to the gallon but the personal tax was quite high, same with Mercedes. I started looking at electric cars but the range was not good and then I discovered, well they discovered me as a hopeful email fell into my inbox, the Mitsubishi Outlander Phev hybrid.

I mossied along on a Saturday morning to Harratts In Barnsley expecting to be battered with quotes and salesmen running off to consult, and come back with various deals from the faceless finance guy sat in the back. I have to admit though the experience was great. They took me for a spin and my salesman Kyle Walker, the other one, was really enthusiastic telling me in depth how this wonder car capable of 140 miles to the gallon worked.

This car actually has a range of 37 miles when charged which gets me to work and back for free. It also has a fuel tank and when the electric runs out it goes to run on fuel. This has happened to me going to Manchester airport but I still got 59.6 with a 2 litre engine on just fuel. It’s a really fun car to drive as well because it teaches you how to drive correctly by telling you how badly you are driving if you know what I mean. It will recharge itself with its regenerative braking system and you can see all this happening on the inbuilt screen.

Its early days yet but I am very impressed. A few cost saving facts for you, these may be challenged by you accountants out there, but they are as I understand them. I reckon the company will save £4700 on fuel in the first year, £500 in Road tax as there isn’t any. We can also claim it back 100% against tax in the first year under first year allowance rules. So potentially this is another £6800. Personally I pay £90 per month in tax even at 40%.

Anyone thinking of taking the plunge is welcome to give me a call and I will give an unbiased view on this mean lean machine