Honest Blog about Auto-enrolment

Right folks, I started doing Auto enrolment end of November 2013.
When I first saw the whole bumf around it I thought   “Oh no that’s it!  I’ll never get my head around this”

So I broke it down….
Firstly I learnt about Staging Dates, which was pretty straight forward.
Then came the types of job holders which again, yeah pretty ok with that.
Next was implementing changes and communicating with people, whether it be staff, employers or pension providers…yeah easy..cracked that one!

Don’t get me wrong it’s not an easy thing to get your head round and there’s lots to learn and lots of legislation to take in.
But I am there now with the knowledge.

Next thing I had to learn was about the software, and to be honest it’s easy.
I installed Sage Pensions module into a company, I’m not going to lie for my first install it went pretty smoothly.

The actual process each month of implementing auto enrolment and setting up pensions is pretty straight forward.

I feel quite chuffed with myself.

I held an event at Kinspeed offices, in front of 17 companies along with a colleague of mine, quite a sleepless night before hand and a dry mouth for the first few minutes, but my knowledge and confidence kicked in.
Was a successful event and got some Sage Pension module orders from it, and some fantastic feedback.

So what am I offering you guys?
Help with finding out when you’re staging dates are.
Onsite visits.
Auto-Enrolment events.
Help put in place an action plan.

If anyone wants any help please call or email me on
01246 437000 and ask for Stella

I would appreciate any feedback good or bad or any concerns or experiences you guys have had so far regarding auto enrolment