Didn’t we have a lovely day!

BRCC patrons and guests get ready for to start the day with a great meal and good wine

As patrons of Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce Kinspeed are always invited to the St Leger at Doncaster in the BRCC hospitality area. This year I, Ian Wragg MD of Kinspeed, also took along Ian Webster and his management team from Webster Equipment. Ian has been a long term customer and personal friend of mine for 25 years, and is an excellent inventor of digging and mining equipment.

Ian Webster from Webster Equipment shows us his moves when the band struck up a Kinks classic

We were meeted and greeted by Andrew Denniff, Mark Hannigan and the lovely Diane Graham from the chamber.  BRCC had done us proud as always by getting the best ‘chalet’ at the finishing post, and after a welcome drink of Pimms we settled down to an excellent meal of Salmon Mousse starter, Chicken main meal and Raspberry Crème Brulee or Cheese and Biscuits. As well as our party we were also joined on our table by Craig Savage from Real Steakhouse and Grill in Thurcroft, Sheffield Newspapers and Owen Gleadhall, President of BRCC. Craig gave me his card but stopped short of signing a free meal off on it ! Maybe a bit later, watch this space.

Onto the racing and it started pretty badly as between us we bet on 4 horses out of 9 in the first race and managed to get not one in the first 4. This was to set the scene for all the other races for myself and I wonder what odds I could have got for not managing to pick one horse in the first three in 7 races !

We moved outside for some fresh air and old acquaintance Matt Twigg came over for a chat. Matt is the King of Pies from Eric Twigg foods and the conversation soon turned to the famous Balti Pie that Eris Twigg distributes. Matt mentioned that this was not in reality a massive pie seller and was an ‘association’ pie. People associate them with a trip to the match and buy one then, but they are not very popular outside of the football arenas. I certainly associate them with a Sheffield United match, along with  drinking, losing and swearing never to go again, but I always do.

Looking round I noticed Steve Brown and his party from Highlander Computer Hardware. Steves suited and booted boys always look like proper ‘geezers’ at the races and its always good to chew the fat and catch up about work and mutual characters we know.

We were joined again by the Sheffield Newspapers guys, one of whom relayed a wonderful tale of his exploits on a coach trip to Leeds when my guest and Owen mentioned they were Leeds fans. Theres always a story when you go away to Leeds. Owen mentioned he had won in every race so my guest decided to follow his tips for the last 3 races and managed to break even, thanks for that Owen you saved the day.

It all came to a close too quickly but not before we had a quick chat with Mark Aston from Sheffield Eagles. Its always great to talk to Mark as he is so passionate about the sport of Rugby League. He never stops talking about his aspirations for the team and coaching academies, I even went home and tried to convince my union playing son to give league a go but he was having none of it, such was the passion from Mark. Great to see you stuff Batley in the play offs on Saturday Mark. See you on the 26th September 2014 for the Eagles Dinner. There still tickets left I believe, if you fancy a good night.

Just as we were about to leave I spotted Craig again from the Real Steakhouse looking a bit ‘looser’ than earlier and asked him again about signing off a free meal. He took the card  he had given me earlier, and wrote ‘Free Drinks’ signed it C Savage and gave it me back. Perfect for the stag night with my local rugby team ! see you next weekend Craig !

Free Drinks
Heres the proof, thanks again Craig !

On the way back to Sheffield Mr Webster found Led Zeppelins greatest hits in my car and the next 40 minutes consisted of profusely loud rock and some extreme body contortion air guitar, climaxing in a operatic rendition of Stairway to Heaven much to the amusement of rest of the M18.

Another great day at the races with the chamber, if you have never been then book for next year, theres not many events you can be guaranteed a good time. Thanks again Andrew, Mark and Diane and obviously all the other chamber staff who worked hard behind the scenes but could not be there.

Carlsberg don’t do race days but if they did…