City Region Business Magazine – September 2012

City Region Business Magazine – September 2012

Hello everybody. My name is Ian Wragg and I am Managing Director of a local company called Kinspeed Limited. We have been supplying and developing software since 1985 to companies large and small and in every corner of the UK.

We are also probably the least known company in the universe in respect of name and brand recognition. In early 2012 the company made a conscious decision to enhance the company name and try and promote ourselves more to the local business community. Co-inciding with this plan we had a meeting with Michael Cullen, Business development Manager from the chamber who, using his persuasive charm and a very firm headlock, persuaded Kinspeed that what was needed was a patronage with the chamber. So with the promise of unlimited networking events to be at, horse races, committees, dinners and local sporting events we have signed on the dotted line.

One of the most arduous tasks of being a patron is to provide 350 words of entertaining, interesting and knowledgable copy for each of the 10 magazines being printed each year. This is the first of such articles to appear. Future articles will touch on subjects close to our hearts such as social networking (when I have figured it out), the Sage summit in Nashville (its a tough job but someones got to do it) and linking your websites to accounting software.

Michael told me that I ought to mention a few special offers for chamber members in my first article so here goes. Firstly we would like to offer chamber members a free Sage software healthcheck ( We will visit you, look at your processes and prepare you a report, which will highlight If there are any areas of the business where you could use your software to better effect. The second offer involves us creating you a free template to use as a newsletter when you sign up for a trial of Swiftpage, the e-mail marketing software. ( The third and best offer is your chance to win a bottle of top champagne worth £50 ( Now for the entertaining bit

A white horse walks into a pub and asks for a whiskey.” What make of whiskey would you like” enquires the barman “We have Johnny Walkers, Bells… we even have a whiskey named after you” to which the white horse replied “What, Eric ?”

If you would like to speak to me call me on 01246 437000.