Christmas Do – A good time had by all

Already legendary for the last 20 years when the first one resulted in an employee losing 2 days of his life after a Christmas Eve party and not waking up until Boxing day, the 20th annual Christmas party was held on the evening of 13th December 2012.

16 of us met at 7 pm at the Lescar pub in Sheffield and had a traditional Christmas meal. Very quick service and good Christmas fayre. We then moved on into the comedy club that is also hosted at the Lescar. There was a good crowd in made up of a friends Xmas outings and Christmas parties from companies and schools.

The MC, Dave Twentyman, took to the stage and warmed us up with his St Helens wit. Funny bloke well worth catching up with if he is around your area. First comedian on the stage was Phil Butler who does an excellent act, including an iPhone Siri sketch and an hilarious play on kids toys, whereby he made speaking toys destined for under 5’s produce adult themed sentences

Ian Wragg of Kinspeed and Phil Butler







After another session with the MC the second comedian took to the stage, Jamie Sutherland, modelling the latest F&F fashions from Tesco. He homed in on the young lads from our party, especially Joel see picture, but no-one was safe. Best bit of the act was when he got up a lady called Trish and basically managed to get her to answer questions about a word on a card he held up for the audience. Without ruining the act she thought the word was eat, but in reality it was something completely different. Her answers of doing it 3 times a day, the last time being outside a chip shop opposite the Lescar, and it all dribbling down her chin was brilliant.

Joel From Kinspeed and his tormentor Jamie Sutherland
Joel From Kinspeed and his tormentor Jamie Sutherland


Both comedians and the MC were well worth seeing and at £8 per person for a good 2 hours entertainment was great value. Our group voted Phil Butler as the best on the night.

After the Lescar we made our way to the Porter Cottage pub until throwing out time and then went to Napoleons casino where we all lost our £20 donation. The evening ended with a £5 all day breakfast at 3 a.m. The breakfast at Napoleons, and indeed all the food , is fantastic value with nothing on the menu over £10. Massive Pizza for £5, Nachos £4 spot on.

And so to the casualties, most people in by 9 a.m. today. Receptionist still missing however is supposed to be on her way. We rang her boyfriend who asked what is possibly the most stupid statement since the bear in the wood question “Was she drinking, because she was sick all night”. The best casualty though came in at 9.30 looking mighty dishevelled and a bit sheepish. He was supposed to be staying with a mate but his phone battery ran out and the address was on there. He woke up in a stable with a horse and 2 cats………………………..Jesus Christ