All charged up and ready to go


We had our new charging posts installed yesterday by a couple of guys from Energyjump in Sheffield, really good install, left the site very clean and tidy, and best of all the units worked first time. The units are 32 amp and we found that the charge time was down to about 3 hours. You might just be able to see them in the picture above well camouflaged in the bushes.

All in all its another good reason get an electric car and to visit Kinspeed. Whilst we are refreshing you inside with information and coffee, outside your electric car can be getting a re-charge !. Seriously though this is further evidence of our commitment to green and significantly cheaper motoring. Even the posts we have had installed are 100% deductible against first year tax under the governments FYA scheme


Above our Mitsiubishi Phev hybrid car is getting its charge, soon to be joined by the Vauxhall Ampera. If you want to pay us a visit and discuss the chargers and electric hybrid cars please feel free………………….. We also sell software and software development