What Can Eureka Do For You?

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What Can Eureka Do For You?

On the 17th of June, Kinspeed will be hosting an event that will be showcasing Eureka’s award winning add-ons for Sage 200. The presentation will be presented by a Eureka consultant that will stay on site to guide you through their Sage 200 add-ons and answer all of your questions.

In preparation for Eureka’s event , Kinspeed have decided to highlight the modules that will be mentioned and discussed on the 17th of June:

Web PO for Sage 200

Web PO for Sage 200 is a web-based PO entry module for the Sage 200 Suite. This particular add-on mimics the core functionality of Sage 200 entry and allows users that don’t have access to Sage 200 to enter Purchase Orders via a website.

Data Exchange for Sage 200

Sage 200 Data Exchange add-on allows Sage to integrate to 3rd party systems such as ecommerce websites, CRM and ERP systems.

Plus Pack for Sage 200

Eureka’s plus pack is a bundle of small add-ons for Sage 200. The bundle includes:

MMS118 – Allows multiple stock transfers in one go

MMS158 – Sales receipt to multiple accounts

MMS195 – Adjust order on goods received

Sales Order Plus for Sage 200

This add-on focuses on bringing additional functionality to Sage 200. It does this by:

Speed of Entry – The speed issue of order entry has been solved by the introduction of rapid order entry grid, end users can achieve ‘DOS’ type speeds.

Toolbar – Within this add-on, there is an ‘Outlook’ type toolbar that gives the end user space to add as many buttons as you like!

Stock Plus for Sage 200

Stock Plus has been created due to popular demand for a simple ‘fashion matrix’ functionally that works.

Stock Matrix

Allows use of up to three dimensions on stock item creation
Enter Sales and Purchase orders using matrix

Warehouse/Store Replenishment

Create automatic replenishment orders for warehouse
Create an ‘internal’ purchase order with appropriate paperwork

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