Auto-Enrolment – How Can Sage’s Pensions Module Help?

Auto-Enrolment: is a scheme brought in by the government that will automatically enrol qualified employees into a work-based pension plan.

With the Auto-Enrolment scheme already in the staging process, you might be feeling over-whelmed with the amount of administration work that is going to follow. If you’re at a loss over what exactly needs to be done regarding Auto-Enrolment then Sage 50 Payroll: Auto-Enrolment’s Pensions Module could help you organise your business.

Benefits of The Pensions Module

Automatically Assess your Workforce

• Assess your entire workforce against Automatic Enrolment legislation according to UK worker status, age and earnings for each pay reference period at the click of a button.

• Automatically put your workforce into the correct category; Eligible Jobholder, non eligible jobholder or Entitled worker and automatically enrol all your eligible jobholders into the correct qualifying pensions scheme.

• Easily manage postponements where necessary and according to the rules you set up; such as to manage probation periods or where the employee may have an earnings spike.

• Quickly manage opt-in’s and opt-outs as they’re received from your pension’s provider and add any additional information easily to the list.

Automatically Manage Pensions Data and Payments

• Automatically create the your data file in the correct format to be sent to your pension provider.

• Complete your Pensions Provider payments easily with the correct files automatically created detailing the right payment information to the right Pensions Provider.

• Keep a record of all your data and payments submissions showing when they were made, by who and store your receipt from the pension provider. Queue all of your pending submissions and The Pensions Module will tell you when they need to be sent.

Automatically Communicate with Your Employees

• Automatically create the right, individually addressed, communication for your employee as defined by the Pensions Regulator for each eventuality.

• Automatically prepare the email or print the communication ready to send. All your communications are prepared and ready, and The Pensions Module will tell you when they need to be sent and record when you’ve sent them. The Pensions Module will even attach a copy to your employee’s record to keep your audit trails up to date.

If you wish to find out more about Auto-Enrolment and the Sage 50 Payroll: Auto-Enrolment Edition product, Kinspeed are hosting an event on the 14th of November.

If you wish to attend, please call us on (0)1246 437000 and ask for Stella. There will be a charge of £50 for this particular event.