4 key benefits of PanIntelligence for Sage 50

PanIntelligence for Sage 50 is a pre-configured dashboard that allows users to easily view Sage 50 and other third-party data in one place. 

Using an out the box solution like PanIntelligence, rather than using internal resources to develop your own, allows for the fastest return of investment.

You can access PanIntellience for Sage 50 from a web browser, using any web device, anytime, anywhere. The software comes with a pre-built data connection and a library of charts. Simply plug in and get started.

1. Start loving your data

Report on data from Sage 50 and other sources using one central dashboard. Have all your staff on the same page and maintain one version of the truth throughout the business.

2. Enable your field workers

Panintelligence for Sage 50 works across tablet and mobile, so users of the platform can access data when working in the field without needing additional Sage licences.

3. Store data from various sources in one place

Show data from Sage 50 and other databases side by side, making reporting across company-wide data much easier.

4. Plug in and get started

Pi for Sage 50 comes with an existing data connection and a library of charts, meaning you can plug it in and go to market in a matter of days.

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