4 key benefits of PanIntelligence for Sage 200

PanIntelligence for Sage 200 is a business intelligence and analytics dashboard, which is pre-configured for Sage 50, Sage 200, and Sage CRM.

Don’t start from scratch; buying in a pre-configured, proven solution will give you the quickest return on investment. PanIntelligence for Sage 200 comes with a library of charts and pre-built data connections, so you can simply plug in and get started.

1. Trust your data like never before

Pi for Sage shows real-time data which hasn’t been manipulated in Excel. It’s a single version of the truth for the whole business.

2. Use the dashboard on any device, Mobile or Tablet

Enable your workers to access the data they need when in the field, without needing additional Sage licences.

3. Store all your data in one place

Connect to multiple companies in Sage 200 and other databases within your business.

4. Plug straight into Sage 200

The data connection comes pre-installed, so you can get started straight away.

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